Our Story

We are travelers, wanderers, sojourners. We are also small business owners focused on
offering travel safety kits that are wholly customizable allowing you to get back out in the world.
We have curated our packs to feature product collections for all types of travel.

You can tailor you travel pack to your needs with hand-picked ala carte add-on enhancement.
Explore with sense of wonder, make memories, follow your adventurer’s dreams.
Sojourn well. B. in control. Travel safely.


We focus on products that are:

  • Socially conscious
  • Thoughtfully sourced
  • Supportive of small & micro businesses
  • Focus on women-owned companies
  • Quality curated safety products for travel and home
  • Made from natural ingredients: think organic cotton
  • Free of harsh chemicals, gentle for adults and children
  • In reusable recyclable packaging
  • Made in the USA

Our Standards

Our curated travel safety and wellness products are packaged into convenient reusable travel packs designed to

support your health and wellness for travel and day trips, for carpool and day trip or for staying healthy at home. 

We have carefully chosen natural products for virus protection and prevention, with no harmful fillers, because we care about your wellness. And each safety product we select for B. Ready Packs is eco-friendly and thoughtfully sourced because we care about the wellness of our planet too.

Whether cruise safety packs, airplane travel packs, personal health kits for car travel and road trips, or healthy at home virus protection essentials. At B. Ready we offer safety products for wherever you may roam. 


Clean, natural,
organic ingredients


Non-toxic, free of harsh chemicals


sourced in the USA


Focus on protection, prevention & wellness

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