Travel Safety

Is it safe to take a cruise now?

B. Ready to set sail – focus on cruise travel safety
“I’m so ready to wake up at sea to the sound of water lapping the hull,” you think as sigh contentedly and click the ‘book now’ button to reserve a stateroom with your favorite cruise line. Whether the turquoise waters and swaying palms of the Caribbean, dramatic nature, mountains of ice and wildlife in the waters off Alaska, or the southern charm of a Mississippi River cruise echoing the gentler time, United States-based cruises are dreamy escapes for couples, families and solo adventurers to explore, restore, and rejuvenate. You’re excited! But your travel safety pack needs to look a bit different than it did last year.

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Wherever you go,
go with all your heart -Confucius

Travel Spotlight: US Cruises 2021

Explore the pleasures of small ship cruises

“I want to sip mint juleps from the deck of a grand riverboat as it paddles gracefully along the Mississippi River,” you think as you google US-based cruises...

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6 Spring Break Trips for Grownups

Warm and cool destinations away from ‘spring breakers’

Warm and cool destinations away from ‘spring breakers’ “Pack your bags, honey. We’re going on grownup spring break this year!” Whether seeking a cooler adve...

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Best of Savannah Georgia, Historic Coastal Allure

Sip, taste, and savor this historic coastal city

Sip, taste, and savor this historic coastal city “The oak-lined cobblestone streets and antebellum architecture feel like stepping back into the 1800s” you m...

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