Travel Safety

Is it safe to take a cruise now?

B. Ready to set sail – focus on cruise travel safety
“I’m so ready to wake up at sea to the sound of water lapping the hull,” you think as sigh contentedly and click the ‘book now’ button to reserve a stateroom with your favorite cruise line. Whether the turquoise waters and swaying palms of the Caribbean, dramatic nature, mountains of ice and wildlife in the waters off Alaska, or the southern charm of a Mississippi River cruise echoing the gentler time, United States-based cruises are dreamy escapes for couples, families and solo adventurers to explore, restore, and rejuvenate. You’re excited! But your travel safety pack needs to look a bit different than it did last year.

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Wherever you go,
go with all your heart -Confucius

Is it Safe to Take a Road Trip in the US?

B. Ready for a safer travel when hit the road for your next great American adventure

“Put down the convertible top, honey. We’re hitting the road,” you exclaim to your sweetheart after dinner. If they start singing the lyrics to “Pink Cadill...

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Is it Safe to Stay at Hotels in the US?

B. Ready: tips for safer stays at hotels and vacation rentals

“I can’t wait for a spa treatment,” you think, smiling to yourself as you imagine your stay in the sweet boutique hotel you have reserved for your vacation....

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The United States Lifts its Cruise Ban

Understand the "conditions" the cruise lines must meet to set sail

November 2020 updates on cruise safety “Honey, I think we can take a cruise this spring after all!” you call out in excitement while clicking from the news p...

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Healthy Travel: Boost Your Immune System

Boost your immune system and enjoy your vacation to the fullest

“I hope I have great energy for my trip,” is in the back of your mind as you ponder all that has gone into making your next vacation happen. While taking a ...

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Boondocking for Free Travel in the US

B. Ready for the perfect socially distanced road trip, Boondocking!

“I want to unplug and reconnect to the vast beautiful wilderness,” the adventurer inside you dreams. People are connected more than ever to electronic devic...

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Is it Safe to Take a Vacation Right Now?

B. Ready for a safe vacation: tips to travel safely on vacations

“We could all use a vacation somewhere special now,” you think watching your children play in the yard  after committedly staying home since early spring du...

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